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What to Expect from Your ACL Rehab Sessions

To deliver not just a speedy recovery, but lasting results

  • Personalised care: Our team is dedicated to creating a recovery plan that’s as individual as you are;
  • End-to-end support: From the moment of injury to your return to action, we are with you every step of the way with a comprehensive care plan
  • Long term mindset: We go above and beyond to ensure you are not just getting an ACL treatment, but also a partner committed to a lifetime of activity and well-being
  • Latest scientific knowledge: We are trained by the world leaders in ACL rehab


Our diverse customers are passionate advocates for our excellent services.

    Kyle Cheung

    I am doing ACL Rehab in HKSC (for 6 months since my surgery). My physiotherapist Kayden is really great. He has the whole rehab schedule and I'm having good progress under his guidance. Also, he is a patient and careful person. He always can point out my weakness and change the plan simultaneously so I can do the rehab better.

      Danielle Vos

      I went to Hong Kong Sports Clinic for post-ACL surgery rehab for over 1 year, and have been back to playing high level football for 7 months now. I worked mainly with Charles and Kayden, and I can’t thank them enough for their role in my return to sport - I wouldn’t be back on the field without them. ACL recovery is as much a mental one as a physical one, and the staff at HKSC made me feel supported through the whole journey.They are great physiotherapists, and even better people!


        I underwent reconstructive surgery last year for my ACL tear, and the initial 6 weeks of my rehab progress was very slow. I started to worry about my chances of playing competitive football again. So I contacted the Hong Kong Sports Clinic and started my rehab here with my physiotherapist, Taylor. She showed me a clear timeline for the rehab process and set specific expectations for each step for me to focus on. She also helps set short term and long term goals with me to keep me motivated! During the training period, my physio would constantly encourage me and stay in touch to monitor my recovery progress. After two months of dedicated training with Taylor twice a week, I FINALLY started running again. We have also started some jumping and landing exercises and light agility work to prepare me for my return to football.

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