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What to Expect from Your Yoga Sessions

Private yoga class

in the format of 1:1 or 2:1, to ensure students get 100% of teacher’s attention. No matter you are looking for correction of your poses alignment, or learning the techniques of advances poses, or improving your breathwork, or relaxing the muscle tension for better recovery, our experienced yoga teachers can help you reach your goals!


Small group intermediate yoga

perfect choice for students who want to take their yoga practice to the next level. Regular students will see their progress in terms of strength, flexibility, balance and coordination for more stable practice in arm balance, inversion and back bending practice.



Our diverse customers are passionate advocates for our excellent services.

    Becky Wong

    Icy is your go-to person for anyone who would like to elevate your yoga practice.

      Eileen Li

      Icy is an exceptional instructor who welcomes students of all levels of expertise, creating an inclusive and accessible environment in every class. Each class is carefully designed, and she attentively guides students at different levels, ensuring that we safely and effectively perform each pose.

        Tim Bagley

        I recently attended Icy's Pace of Nature yoga retreat. I found it fantastic! Not only is Icy an excellent yoga instructor, she arranged all the details. Icy's attention to detail was so impressive. I will be returning to Icy's next yoga retreat. Thank you for everything Icy.

          Christy Chu

          I've attend Icy's mentorship program recently. She gave us lots of ideas on how we can improve the classes and hands on adjustments for other students. I'm very grateful to meet Icy as one of the mentors in my yoga journey. I would definitely recommend this program to my yoga friends, and I think 50 hours is not enough haha!

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