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The HKSC+ Running Initiative

Our comprehensive service offering brings you the best in running optimization:

  • Running Optimization: 

    Utilize our state-of-the-art Running Assessments to understand your biomechanics and unlock your potential. Meet our running specialist physiotherapist Kayden Wu 

  • Injury Management:
    We are the city’s elite professionals in running injury management. Benefit from our expert knowledge to keep you on track and in the race.   Meet our running specialist physiotherapist Joseph March 
  • Running Specific Strengthening:

    Participate in a strength and conditioning program specifically designed for runners to improve performance and prevent injury. Meet our running specific strength training coach Kayden Wu

  • Coaching: Receive personalized coaching experience that tailors your training to your unique goals and needs.

    HKSC+ partners with 3 elite runners and coaches to deliver a number of services:

    1. Ferdinand Clovis Airault Ferdinand is a professional trail runner (ITRA >800) specialized in ultra distances. Currently based in the USA, he is traveling the world to develop adventures camps and train himself & others to the most magical venues. He set multiple records & fastest known time from APAC to Europe (in Hong Kong: HK everesting record, HK trail reverse, 24 hour along the peak…) and was the second French man in the NYC marathon in 2023.
    – Strava :
    – IG: @ferdinand_clovis
    – E-mail :

    2. Harry Loasby Harry set multiple running records and competed in NCAA Division 1 before founding Buffalo Running Company in Hong Kong, a firm dedicated to advancing runners through focused, long-term training.


    3. Caitríona Jennings An Olympian and World Championship competitor, Caitríona transitioned from triathlon to become an acclaimed ultra-runner. Drawing on her resilience from past challenges, she now coaches runners of all levels to reach their personal milestones.



Our diverse customers are passionate advocates for our excellent services.

    Vlad Ixel

    Most of my time while training and competing in Hong Kong, I worked with Joe March for injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as for performance. I owe my injury-free training and racing to him.

      Ferdinand Airault

      HKSC is not only the best clinic in Hong Kong, it’s a wonderful community gathering passionate people. Whatever rehab, straightening, injury prevention or coaching they did an amazing job.

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