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What to Expect from Your Youth Programs

Our youth programs extend beyond physical training to encompass injury prevention, sports performance enhancement, nutrition education, and mental resilience, making us the only provider of such comprehensive services in Hong Kong.

  • Expertise: Leveraging experience from the highest echelons of sports, we transform potential into performance across various disciplines
  • Customized Training: Sport-specific programs tailored to individual goals, focusing on speed, agility, power, and endurance
  • Safe Environment: We prioritize safety, designing programs that prevent injuries, aid recovery, and enhance overall performance
  • Holistic Approach: Our training goes beyond physical capabilities, fostering resilience, discipline, focus, confidence, and a lifelong passion for fitness
  • Higher Chances to Stand Out: Boost your child’s sports profile for better prospects in top-tier college admissions
  • Elite Network: Gain access to some of Hong Kong’s most respected sports coaches and become part of the esteemed HKSC+ young athlete community

Performance Training

  • From Recovery to Excellence: Transition from injury recovery to enhanced sport-specific performance.
  • Training Goals: Maximize prowess, improve weaknesses, and stand out in college admissions.
  • Support: Benefit from mentorship and guidance for optimal performance in your chosen sport.

Sport Injuries

  • Education & Care: Learn about your child’s injury and how to heal and prevent future issues.
  • Expertise: Experienced in treating athletes from diverse sports including basketball, rugby, football, and more.
  • Approach: Long-term results through honest, efficient, and world-class scientifically researched treatments.

Ongoing Strength and Conditioning

  • Benefits: Improves posture, resilience, strength, body composition, biomechanics,
    endurance, and running performance.
  • Education: Teaches lifelong health and wellness habits in a safe environment.
  • Impact: Proven to enhance academic performance.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

  • Focus Areas: Shoulder Dislocation, ACL Rehab, and other serious post-surgical
  • Expertise: Trust your child with experienced professionals using world-class rehab
    protocols, including emotional and psychological support.
  • Additional Support: Strong ties with medical specialists ensure a seamless recovery.

Injury Prevention

  • Assessment & Education: Identify vulnerabilities unique to your child and learn how to stay injury-free.
  • Preventative Measures: Includes mobility exercises, sports massage, stretching, prehabilitation strengthening, and chiropractic adjustments.
  • Lifestyle: Empower your child for healthy living and longevity.

Scoliosis Management

  • Comprehensive Care: Expert guidance with thorough assessments.
  • Collaboration: Seamless communication with medical specialists and access to an international network for enhanced care.


Our diverse customers are passionate advocates for our excellent services.

    Alex Gershon

    After lack of training in University, I booked in with Joe March to help my back pain. Despite it has only been a short time getting treatment, I have already massively felt and seen the improvement on my back and posture!

      Stel S

      I put my 12-year-old daughter in Mobility Class with Icy Lin because she had a "text neck" posture. After her first class, Icy asked me to take her to check for scoliosis. Doctor confirmed she did! We are forever thankful for Icy's observation because with scoliosis, early detection is important and the problem can only be fixed when our kids are still growing.

        Sam Pearson

        We picked this place because I read that they have passion for helping young athletes. They didn’t only help me on the physical side but also mental side. I am forever grateful to Joe and his team for everything they have done to help me recover from my serious knee injuries.

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        Our diverse customers are passionate advocates for our excellent services.

        Don’t let your child’s potential go untapped. We are in the business of changing lives, and your child could be next! 

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