Corporate Wellness 

Much more than a pain/injury clinic, our mission is to empower healthy lives through compassion and expertise. The corporate wellness program we design for each company reflects our commitment to promoting the optimal health and well-being of your employees. 

We can customize our program to suit your unique needs, but here are some of our specialties: 
  • One-hour educational workshops: covering various health and wellness topics such as office worker pain management, men’s and women’s health, nutrition for sustainable weight loss, and office-friendly strength and mobility classes.  
  • Wellness Day: an immersive experience that can include workshops, as well as on-site pain treatment, massage & stretching, strength & yoga classes, posture and ergonomic assessment, and more. 
  • Recurring wellness program: a flexible program that can be customized to fit the needs of your company and individuals. We can provide ongoing support and guidance to help your employees achieve their wellness goals.
    It is estimated that up to 90% of office workers experience some form of posture-related pain. Prolonged sitting, computer use, and mental stress can also cause other health issues.  By Investing in a corporate wellness program, you can help your employees prevent and manage their health issues. This will increase work productivity, reduce absenteeism and improving job satisfaction! 


We have worked with many well-known companies, and below are some testimonials from the past events: 

    Mourant law firm’s Employee

    The Men’s Health Workshop went really well! It is very informative and comprehensive, but easy to understand as well.

      J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s Employee

      I really enjoyed the mobility session and sweated a lot! My hips felt great and I feel taller with better posture!

        Samsonite’s Employee

        We didn’t know there are so many yoga poses we can do on our office chairs! I am feeling relaxed and lighter after the stretching and breathing practice.

          SMBC Nikko’s Employee

          The chair cardio workout class is challenging yet fun! Hope to have more sessions like this in the office in the future.

          Companies We Worked With

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