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We train you to be better at your sport and less vulnerable to injuries. 

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What to Expect from Your Sports Performance Sessions

Unleash your potential at our world-class facility. We enhance performance, reduce injuries, and expedite recovery. Maximise results with consistency and focus.

A Holistic Approach to Athletic Excellence

We believe in a customised approach to empower everyone to surpass their limits and explore their potentials!

  • Wide range of sports: we have extensive experience working with athletes from various sports, including but not limited to trail running, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, and track and field;
  • First-hand knowledge: our trainers have diverse backgrounds in sports, having competed and excelled at high levels. This firsthand experience gives them a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements of elite performance;
  • Physiotherapy expertise: physiotherapy background allows us to have a deep understanding of the human body, movement patterns, and injury prevention and rehabilitation;
  • Long term mindset: not only optimise performance but also prioritise the long-term health and well-being of our athletes

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Our diverse customers are passionate advocates for our excellent services.

    Vlad Ixel

    Most of my time while training and competing in Hong Kong, I worked with Joe March for injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as for performance. I owe my injury-free training and racing to him.

      Ferdinand Airault

      HKSC is not only the best clinic in Hong Kong, it’s a wonderful community gathering passionate people. Whatever rehab, straightening, injury prevention or coaching they did an amazing job

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