Most diets fail. Numbers don’t lie. Losing weight is already a challenge. But for most people, not gaining it back seems almost impossible. 

 With Just Eat, we want to find out what individual plan fits you, and your life. We want to help you reach your nutrition goals. And include your helper in the process.  Working as a team, so everyone learns and progresses during that journey. 

Nutrition made simple 

Designed for the active, busy people in Hong Kong 

Tell us your goals, we train your helpers, you Just Eat! 

There are common traits that successful dieters share. We will teach you all the tools to improve your relationship with food, stop yoyo dieting, and get long-term results. 

Our Offer  

Why choose Just Eat? For the price of 3000 HKD per month, you will get: 

  • Regular nutrition sessions
  • A one-on-one session every two weeks
  • Reviewing your previous history with diets
  • Finding the plan that works for you
  • Calculating the daily energy intake according to your goals
  • Working on your consistency and accountability
  • Discussing strategies to overcome challenges and plateaux
  • Weekly tailored meal planning
  • Healthy menus based on whole, nutrient-dense foods
  • Tasty recipes from all around the world, full of colors, scents, and flavors
  • Stress-free, with all the calculation and planning done for you
  • Enough proteins and fibers for weight loss and health benefits
  • Great variety of micronutrients to keep your system going
  • Ongoing helper supervision
  • Increasing skillset and independence
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Kitchen organization
  • Grocery shopping and nutritional values
  • Basics of nutrition
  • Food weighing
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Communication through Whatsapp to answer any question.

    “We make eating healthy pleasurable again
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