Taylor Fu

Taylor is an enthusiastic physiotherapist and strength and conditioning specialist who possesses a strong passion for sports. Her extensive background as a professional athlete, as well as her involvement in national-level soccer and NCAA Division One soccer, has played a significant role in shaping her career in physiotherapy. In addition to her accomplishments in soccer, […]

Jenghis Lui

Jenghis graduated from Tung Wah College and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. Working in hospitals and private clinics has given him broad exposure and experience in treating musculoskeletal disorders, managing pre/post-operative rehabilitation, and optimising neurological rehabilitation. Being an avid sportsman, primarily in Basketball, Jenghis has also applied his own athletic knowledge with his physiotherapy […]

Vanessa Boon

Vanessa is an Australian trained physiotherapist with over 5 years of clinical experience, her interest lies in back pain, shoulder and lower limb injuries. Being a former state swimmer, Vanessa has a deep understanding of sporting injuries and is particularly passionate about injury prevention. She believes in a holistic approach when it comes to treatment […]

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