Joseph March

Joe HKSC Lead Physio

Joe calls himself the ‘Ginger Wizard,’ but everyone else knows him as Joe! He established Hong Kong Sports Clinic to tackle the local community’s concerns about the trustworthiness and money-minded nature of the physiotherapy profession. Focused on fostering trust and credibility, Joe broadened the clinic’s services to include holistic wellness and fitness. As a physiotherapist […]

Charles Wang

Charles Wang, a renowned senior sports physiotherapist at Hong Kong Sports Clinic, brings over a decade of experience from Australia and Hong Kong. Passionate about understanding the root cause of pain, Charles develops tailored rehabilitation plans for optimal wellness. His knowledge spans multiple sports, allowing personalized care for patients with diverse backgrounds. As a valued […]

Emma Piachaud

Emma, a caring and engaged physiotherapist, addresses musculoskeletal issues holistically, emphasizing listening, understanding, education, and action. Returning to Hong Kong after studying and working abroad, she specializes in sports injury rehabilitation and exercise-based therapy. Emma assesses and manages various conditions, including neck and back pain, sports injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation. In addition, she has a […]

Christiaan Kamper

Chris has ten years of experience in sports, orthopedics, and musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. He uses a holistic approach, aligning treatment goals with clients’ objectives by developing systematic, graded protocols with clear guidelines. His career began in South Africa with top-level schoolboy rugby, honing his athletic and trauma injury management skills. Chris then transitioned to […]

Lizemari Marais

Liz, a South African physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, specializes in Women’s Health and Pelvic Physio while excelling as a ‘jack of all trades.’ Her expertise spans sports like calisthenics, martial arts, and rugby and clinical work in private practice, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. She also offers corporate consulting, ergonomics assessments, and workshops, focusing on posture […]

Dr. Bill Leung

Bill, a chiropractor and physiotherapist with over a decade of experience, started his journey at a young age by helping his grandfather at his bone-setting clinic. Participating in Kung Fu and Lion Dance tournaments led to many injuries, giving Bill a unique appreciation for the combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy. He spent three years working […]

Jo Leung

Jo Wing Lam Leung is a Hong Kong native and Australia-trained physiotherapist with over a decade of experience in Australia, Hong Kong, and Eswatini (Africa). Skilled in treating athletes and individuals from all walks of life, Jo provides attentive care tailored to each patient’s needs and goals. She has worked with the Hong Kong Women’s […]

Glenn Cox

Glenn is a physiotherapist, personal trainer, and massage therapist with over seven years of experience. He takes a holistic approach to training and treatment, utilizing a range of therapeutic techniques and exercises prescriptions to thoroughly address underlying weaknesses in the body for optimal results and injury prevention. Glenn has further qualifications in exercise science, dry […]

Mete Cheung

Mete is a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning expert based in Hong Kong. He takes a scientific approach to his treatments while also having a personal understanding of the demands of sports and movement. As a national-level powerlifter and former Youth Olympic windsurfer, he is passionate about empowering his patients to live healthier, more vital […]

Kayden Wu

Kayden is a Hong Kong native passionate about sports and helping others achieve their full potential. As a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach, he provides world-class services to sports enthusiasts of all levels. Kayden’s love for sports extends across a wide range of activities, from basketball to weightlifting, running to snowboarding, giving him a […]

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