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Position: Reiki Therapist
Categories: Massage Therapists

Ana is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner in various healing modalities such as Reiki, theta healing (including animal healing), hypnotherapy, and aromatherapy. Her expertise lies in guiding her clients towards a state of deep relaxation and meditation.

By accessing the subconscious mind, Ana is able to identify and address emotional and energetic blockages that may impede personal growth and overall well-being. Additionally, she harnesses the power of Reiki energy, the universal love, and the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy to promote physical healing, alleviate stress, and facilitate emotional release.

Through her holistic approach, Ana aims to help individuals achieve a state of balance and harmony in their daily lives.

Reiki Healing Services:
•       Shoulder Massage with Aroma
•       Breast Massage with Aroma
•       Womb Massage with Aroma
•       Sound Reiki Healing

•       Reiki Master (Usui, Tibetan, Karuna)
•       Reiki Master Teacher
•       NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotherapist in USA)
•       Hypnotherapists Past Life Regression Therapist
•       Theta Healing Practitioner
•       Theta Healing Animals Practitioner
•       IFPA Aromatherapy
•       NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
•       Breast & Womb care Massage with Aromatherapy

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