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Seva Kraft

Position: Strength & conditioning coach
Categories: Coaches

Seva, a former professional ice hockey player, has 13 years of experience, passion, and razor focus that have molded him into a well-rounded trainer. Whether your goals are aesthetics, functional performance, sports-specific, or rehabilitative, we are confident that Seva is the trainer for you. He knows firsthand the meaning of discipline, hard work, and consistency in self-improvement, and he is ready to share this with his clients. If you’re seeking a flexible and committed individual to help you plan and consistently pursue your goals, Seva is the person for you.


  • Fitness instructor course at the Powerhouse GYM school of instructors
  • Gym instructor for minors at Tel Aviv University
  • First aid course at Tel Aviv University
  • TR-X training course at Tel Aviv University
  • Kettlebell training course at Tel Aviv University
  • Anterior Knee Pain course by Pro Sport Physiotherapy
  • Functional training Anatomy course by Muscle and motion
  • Certified nutritionist by Israeli clinical Nutritionist
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